Why should you come to Danang at least once in your life?

Da Nang is a beautiful city located in the South Central Coast, famous for its famous beaches and white sandy beaches that envelop the city. The origin of "Da Nang" is the deformation of ancient Cham daknan, meaning large waters or "big river", Da Nang highlighted by charming Feng Shui, just romantic Han River flows through Based on three mountains: Son Tra Mountain, Ba Na Mountain and Ngu Hanh Son. In recent years, Danang has been actively investing in infrastructure, improving the environment, improving social security and being considered a "living city" of Vietnam.

1. Da Nang is the major gateway of Central Vietnam tourism when it has Tien Sa port - major tourism port welcomes hundreds of large cruise ships every year and new international airport is put into operation from the beginning 2017 - the largest international airport in Central Vietnam. Da Nang is located between three world cultural heritages: Hoi An Ancient Town, Hue Citadel and My Son Holy Land, which is the perfect place for visitors to visit these 3 famous sites.

2. It is not by chance that Danang is voted New York Times as one of the ideal destinations in the world by 2015. If you ever set foot on this land, you will not forget the sandy beaches. white stretch beautiful. But the reason for this city to score points in the heart of tourists also by the modern image, civilization, and always moving to the rhythm of development of a large city. If travelers are impressed with the ancient capital of Hue by ancient and romantic beauty, with the ancient town of Hoi An because of the charm hidden in the walls of yellow sunlight mossy style tourists can hardly Forget about a poetic Danang, lyrical, and subtle modern breath.

Coming to Danang, visitors have the opportunity to admire the 6 bridges on the Han River as a series of lights, telling the story of the sparkling river night, fanciful.

Coming to Danang, visitors have the opportunity to stroll on My Khe beach - voted for by Forbes magazine as one of the most charming beaches in the planet in 2016 - with smooth white sand and stretches of calm sea waves. surrounded by coconut trees.

Coming to Danang, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the culture of the mighty Cham kingdom once stored at the Cham Museum - the unique and unique museum in the world of Cham culture.

3. Da Nang is also famous for culinary culture combined with delicacies between the North and South Central cuisine with delicious dishes at extremely reasonable prices such as seafood, noodle soup, fried fish paste, cake pork rolls, ... Many visitors to Da Nang not go away by the same food by the soul of Da Thanh that resonates forever.

4. Many hotels, resort class with good service

You can also "live like" because Danang has many hotels and Resorts with very good quality of service. Many resort resorts are of international scale, so the quality of service is "free". Come and enjoy the feeling of comfort, great relaxation for your travel.

Brilliant Hotel Danang with its advantageous location in the heart of the city, close to famous tourist attractions such as chicken church, Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Han market, ... is the first choice for Visitors to Da Nang. Contact us directly at +84 236 3 222 999 / +84 905 984 888 or website: www.brillianthotel.vn to receive the best deals from the Brilliant Hotel Danang.

5. Outdoor events

One year, one can go to Da Nang once, but can also go twice, three times just because, in Da Nang there are many special events. Which is the festival Fireworks majestic, the whole family can also combine to watch fireworks and rest, travel, and many music festivals also began to be selected held in this beautiful coastal city. The events or activities in Da Nang are diverse, this is suitable for the whole family, the other suitable for young people, but it is suitable for those who like adventure. All created a Da Nang not only beautiful, friendly but also extremely interesting and no time stop joy. In addition to the annual events such as the International Fireworks Festival DIFF, in 2018, Da Nang is also honored to be chosen to host the 36th World Theater Festival. Da Nang will continue to be an attractive destination not only for domestic visitors but also international visitors.



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